Building from source and running in chroot environment

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Thu Mar 14 11:16:24 UTC 2013

Spumonti Spumonti <spumonti at> wrote:

> Are there relatively recent instructions on how to build BIND from
> source and run it in a chroot environment? It sounds obvious but
> everything I've come across assumes BIND is provided by some package
> manager or included with the operating system. I'd like to build the
> latest version of BIND and run it in a chroot environment.  I know you
> have to pre-populate the chroot directories but am not entirely clear on
> everything that's needed.

In the chroot you will need:

/dev/random and /dev/urandom

A syslog socket (if you are using syslog) and/or somewhere for named's log

Your rndc key

Your named.conf and zone files :-)

If you have a recent OpenSSL you want to use BIND's configure
--without-gost option or copy OpenSSL's "engines" library directory into
the chroot.

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