BIND 9.8.2: forward zone not working

btb at btb at
Tue Mar 19 02:25:11 UTC 2013

On Mar 18, 2013, at 20.27, Gerry Reno <greno at> wrote:

> Using BIND 9.8.2
> When you setup Samba 4 AD DC using BIND9_DLZ and your domain has external servers (eg: www,mail) at external providers
> this means that the ISP and the internal network nameservers will both have SOA record for the domain.

it's not really anything particularly related to samba or dlz.  it's just two different computers serving the same zone.  you're just "hijacking" or overloading that particular label.  in addition to declaring the zone in your config, you'll need to delegate that new zone from the parent.

it's worth noting that this scales poorly.  having to add delegations and zone declarations for every label for which this is desired becomes quickly prohibitive.  instead, i'd suggest using a subdomain for samba - e.g. something like  there are a number of other solutions as well which would likely be more sensible than hijacking labels.


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