BIND 9.8.2: forward zone not working

Mark Andrews marka at
Tue Mar 19 03:13:05 UTC 2013

In message <5147D5AE.5050401 at>, Gerry Reno writes:
> If it was more than just a few labels I would do it another way.
> But this will suffice, if I can only get bind to actually get the forward zon
> e working.
> I don't need any delegation.  I'm not looking to slave the zone.
> I just need the forward zone to work and send the question over to the ISP.
> -Gerry

Add the delegation.  Delegation are about change of authority.  The
SOA record stands for "Start Of Authority".  For this to work
properly there needs to be a corresponding zone cut in the public
zone as well so that the negative responses come back with a
appropriate SOA record.

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