queries aborted due to quota

Stephen Wood stephen at seomoz.org
Tue Mar 19 22:14:40 UTC 2013

That was very informative. Thank you for the information.

On Tue, Mar 19, 2013 at 2:09 PM, Chris Thompson <cet1 at cam.ac.uk> wrote:

> On Mar 19 2013, Stephen Wood wrote:
>  We are measuring the performance of our bind9 cache & forward servers.
>> Under "++ Resolver Statistics ++", we see a high number of "queries
>> aborted
>> due to quota".
> These are queries discarded because the limit on outstanding recursive
> queries ("recursive-clients" in "options") has been exceeded. You may
> need to increase the default of 1000, or there may be some other problem.
> Use "rndc status" and check how the "recursive-clients" values are
> behaving. If the queues are regularly long, snapshot them by using
> "rndc recursing" and see what you can make of the ones that are taking
> longest.
>  I can't find information regarding this number in the documentation.
>> Overall, the SERVFAIL numbers are low. Are aborted queries simply retried?
> When the limit is exceeded, the oldest outstanding query is discarded,
> without giving any response to the client. The client may retry, of course.
> Note that BIND gives up on recursive queries that have not completed
> after 30 seconds, in any case.
>  Do I need to make any kernel level changes, like allowed sockets or open
>> files? How do I troubleshoot this message?
> If you have to increase "recursive-clients" a lot, you may also need to
> increase  named's -S option, or it may run out of sockets before query
> queue slots.
> I have to say I am a bit suspicious of your reference to "forward servers".
> There are all sorts of possible misconfigurations using forwarders that
> might provoke problems of this sort.
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> Chris Thompson
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