Mailing list "reply-to" setting

Carlos M. martinez carlosm3011 at
Wed May 8 17:43:17 UTC 2013

Agreed, but, subject tagging is very useful for those who prefer to have
things hit your inbox first, before archiving. And there seems to be a
lot more agreement on the tagging issue than on the reply to.

Out of dozens of MLs I'm subscribed to, this is the only one which does
not tag the subject, making it feel weird. The reply-to seems to be
50-50, again according to my personal subscriptions.



On 5/8/13 12:27 PM, WBrown at wrote:
>> From: Steven Carr <sjcarr at>
>> Any chance someone can correct the settings on this mailing list to
>> reply to the list by default instead of the user posting the message?
> Why, Are the settings wrong?
> I have used and later run lists for years, and supported Listserv(tm) 
> servers for others for most of those years.  There is no right or wrong 
> for the reply settings.  It's really a personal preference of the list 
> owner as to how replies should be handled.  If the message should go back 
> to the list, use reply all.  That's supported by all the major mail 
> clients.
> Subject tagging is another preference item - no right or wrong.  I have my 
> mail client filter on the sender moving list traffic into the appropriate 
> folder.  Works just as well as filtering on the tag.
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