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Thu May 9 21:27:33 UTC 2013

On 2013-05-09 11:27, Jeremy P wrote:
> I certainly didn't intend to spark off such a firestorm with my 
> original question.  I have learned a lot from the debate though.
> On the question of what to use with students, it is a fine thing to 
> say "we should only do things the way they are done in real life so 
> students don't learn bad habits", but I'm guessing that comes from 
> people who have spent very little time in a classroom that has fiscal 
> and technical limitations.  If I followed that mantra I would never be 
> able to do anything with students other than read out of a book and 
> lecture.  We strive to get them as close to real life as financial and 
> technical restraints allow. Some have recommended I get a sub domain 
> on the school's domain.  Maybe at your company/school that's easy to 
> accomplish, but here that would be quite an amount of effort to earn a 
> rejection letter.  I'll probably just purchase 
> <> and handout sub domains, but I won't have 
> resources to setup a public facing server that can properly do delegation.

It doesn't necessarily need to be public-facing. Your students will all 
be setting up DNS servers too (or at least I don't see how a MS AD 
course could get by without your students running their own DNS), you 
can have them use your DNS server for resolution, or via a stub zone, 
and delegate from your server.

This also means that students can optionally set up trusts between their 
domains, and their domains can otherwise interact with each other, if 
this is desirable :)

Assuming your student environments don't get public IPs, there's 
probably little advantage in having it fully resolve up from the public 
roots anyway.

However, owning the domain you use as a root will help them to 
understand that making up a .local or .lan isn't a good idea, whereas if 
you do it in class with a "We wouldn't do this in the real world", 
they'll do it in the real world with a "We shouldn't do this in an ideal 
world, but it's good enough for our little clas^H^H^Hompany"

(Or at least that's what I blame for some of the dumb decisions I made 
that I'm still stuck with, like my poor internal naming choice)

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