Mailing list "reply-to" setting

Doug Barton dougb at
Thu May 9 22:59:26 UTC 2013

Seriously, can we stop discussing this now?

If you need subject line tags, or your mail client doesn't properly know 
how to respond only to the list, or whatever -- please go work that out 
on your own.

The majority of users on the list don't want or need these things, and 
many of us find things like subject line tags a repulsive waste of 
screen real estate.

I normally stay out of these discussions, but this message, "I use mail 
a certain way, so everyone else should have to put up with the things I 
need to accommodate my way of working" was just too much.

TRY filtering your mail into proper folders ... do it for a week, a 
month, whatever. If your mail client doesn't notify you when mail gets 
put into a folder, get a better mail client. Once you try doing it that 
way for a while chances are near 100% that you will like it much better.


PS, you kids get off my lawn!

On 05/09/2013 03:43 PM, Sten Carlsen wrote:
> This is also the way I use mail, so +1.
> On 09/05/13 23:02, Carlos M. martinez wrote:
>> My mail setup is as limited as my eyesight. As I mentioned, I have
>> emails in my inbox and filter afterwards in order to keep mbox size at
>> reasonable levels. In this way I don't forget to check this or that folder.
>> While on inbox I filter by looking at the tags. Works really well and I
>> know quite a few people who do the same. I counted and I'm subscribed to
>> over 50 mailing lists and this is the only one which does not tag the
>> subject.
>> Probably you've discussed this in the past (I'm a rather new
>> subscriber), so I apologize for bringing up a dead horse.
>> regards,
>> Carlos
>> On 5/8/13 10:53 PM, Michael McNally wrote:
>>> On 5/8/13 9:43 AM, Carlos M. martinez wrote:
>>>> Agreed, but, subject tagging is very useful for those who prefer to have
>>>> things hit your inbox first, before archiving. And there seems to be a
>>>> lot more agreement on the tagging issue than on the reply to.
>>> Unless your mail setup is extremely restricted in what it can filter
>>> on, you have several choices of header which can be used by an
>>> automated filter to detect and classify appropriately according to list.
>>> Personally I have procmail file bind-users traffic based on the
>>> "List-Id:" header, but I realize you may be in a different environment
>>> with different tools available.)
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>>> Michael McNally
>>> ISC Support

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