Stalling slave transfers

Tom Sommer mail at
Tue May 14 06:59:35 UTC 2013

On 5/9/13 2:19 PM, Luther, Dan wrote: 

> Tom, 
> What happens when you "dig +tcp @"? Specifically I'm wondering here if the slave you're having problems with is blocking TCP port 53. Such a configuration would allow you to query the master server, but not transfer to/from it.

That works fine, but I think I figured out the problem, it was due to
the server having acquired a 2nd (autodiscovered) IPv6 address, and it
was using that as transfer source. It would be very helpful if the
logfile said the actual source IP, and not just or ::#0. That
would help debugging a lot. 

I'm down to only seeing the error "retry limit for master" and "refresh:
failure trying master" on IPv6 now, and only occasionally. 

It also appears the master is sending two notifies for each zone, to
each slave, one on IPv4 and one on IPv6? 

// Tom 
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