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Carsten Strotmann cas at strotmann.de
Fri Oct 25 07:26:32 UTC 2013

Hello Donald,

"Davis, Donald W" <Donald.Davis at unisys.com> writes:

> Does anyone have any advice or perhaps documentation for upgrading
> Bind? I currently have two AIX servers running as Master/Slave. I need
> to upgrade from v9.8.1-P1 to v9.8.6.   I will need to document an
> implementation plan for change control and was hoping someone else may
> have something they can share.
> I’ve browsed the ISC web site looking for release notes,
> install/compile instructions, migration plans, etc without much
> success.

The BIND release notes give a good overview of changes between
releases. Jeremy has posted the links to the notes. Inside a major
version number, there should be no drastic changes to BIND (so 9.8.1 ->
9.8.6 should be save).

If you want to compile BIND yourself, I recommend compiling on a
separate development machine and then transferring the compiled BIND
binaries over to the DNS servers.

"named -V" gives you the compile switches used to compile your current
BIND. If you use the very same switches during compiling 9.8.6, you
should get a new BIND that matches your existing setup and is a
"drop-in" replacement.

Best regards

Carsten Strotmann

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