MAcOS X 10.9 upgrade removes BIND

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Sat Oct 26 04:01:43 UTC 2013

I totally agree with you Mark and I opened a discussion at the Apple 
Support Communities.

One have the title:
OS X Mavericks Software Compatibility

The other have the title:
Where is Bind on OS X Mavericks?

However I doubt anyone from the top reads that. I probably have to file 
this as a bug report as well to let the apple engineers know about that.

By the way, Thanks so much Carsten for compile BIND for the OS X Mavericks!


On 10/25/13, 3:32 PM, Mark Andrews wrote:
> In message <87bo2dxf8g.fsf at>, Carsten Strotmann writes:
>> Hello Eduardo,
>> thanks for confirming that MacOS X removed BIND.
> It has been moved to the Server Edition according to[1].
> However it would be nice for Apple to LET PEOPLE KNOW in advance.
> No where in the AppStore does it warn about functionality being
> removed.  Lots of new stuff being promoted but no warnings about
> things going away.
> If you go to the Apple Web site and technical specs page[2] of
> Mavericks and look the the "OS X Server Product Overview"[3] you
> find it is out of date as it is still pointing to Mountain Lion.
> If you have already "purchased" Mavericks please add a negative
> review which warns about the functionality being removed from the
> basic edition.  At least then people may be warned about this.
> Apple should be encouraging people to run validating resolvers on
> their machines, not making it harder for them to do this.
> Mark
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
>> Our new BIND installers for MacOS X 10.9 are now available at
>> <>
>> I've build BIND 9.9.4 (with and without RRL) and BIND 9.8.6. If anyone
>> need 9.6-ESV let me know.
>> Please report any issues with this installers to me.
>> Best regards
>> Carsten Strotmann
>> Eduardo Bonsi <beartcom at> writes:
>>> I want to confirm what Carsten said here;
>>> I just performed an upgrade from Snow Leopard, 10.6.8 one day before
>>> Yesterday. The upgrade itself went fine except for BIND and Apache.
>>> After upgrading to OS X Mavericks, 10.9, the upgrade removed all the
>>> files mentioned bellow plus all the Websites on Apache configuration
>>> as well. OS X Mavericks no longer have the web sharing. So it is
>>> highly advisable to backup your BIND and Apache configuration files
>>> before upgrade. Fortunately I had a copy of all these files in a
>>> backup mirror server. So, for me was just a matter of connecting and
>>> copying all these files back to OS X Mavericks and set the nrdc key
>>> again.
>>> Here is the files to backup;
>>> Full path to the named.conf file       /etc/named.conf	
>>> Full path to the named executable      /usr/sbin/named 	
>>> Full path to whois command             whois 	
>>> Full path to ndc command               ndc	
>>> Full path to rndc command              rndc 	
>>> Full path to rndc-confgen command      rndc-confgen
>>> Full path to the rndc.conf file        /etc/rndc.conf	
>>> Full path to named-checkzone command   named-checkzone	
>>> Full path to named-checkconf command   named-checkconf	
>>> Full path to dnssec-keygen command     dnssec-keygen 	
>>> Full path to dnssec-signzone command   dnssec-signzone	
>>> In addition do not forget to back-up the PID file location in your
>>> system whatever the PID file it is located;
>>> Default PID file location  ? Your location
>>> On 10/25/13, 12:36 AM, Carsten Strotmann wrote:
>>>> Hi BIND users on MacOS,
>>>> it looks like the upgrade to MacOS X 10.9 "Mavericks" removes
>>>> BIND. Early reports also indicate that the upgrade process also removes
>>>> the BIND configuration file "/etc/named.conf" and all zonefiles in
>>>> "/var/named". It happend on my machine, and there are reports coming in
>>>> from other users, but I need to confirm this on a lab environment.
>>>> The Men & Mice BIND MacOS X installers at currently fail on MacOS X
>>>> 10.9, because /var/named is not there. I'm working on updating the Men
>> &
>>>> Mice packages to work on MacOS X 10.9.
>>>> Best regards
>>>> Carsten Strotmann
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