zone delegation/forwarding in a non-recursive view

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Sat Oct 26 12:24:27 UTC 2013

Hi Kevin, Mark & Kevin,

thank you for your questions that pointed me to the right track.

A quick summary:

I did my testing in a dev server (let's say with IP address , that is serving the same zones as the live server.  I 
added to the zone file, lets call it, the following:

$ORIGIN subdn
@     IN    NS   ns
ns    IN    A

the server at running at was configured to as 
authoritative for zone

 From a client in the internal view:

dig @
dig @

would work OK

 From a client in the external view:

dig @

would fail with 'recursion requested but not available'.

I was testing with dig @ as it is a dev server not 
advertised as handling in the dns hierarchy proper.

After applying the same settings on the live servers dig A +trace shows delegation now works OK, and after 
allowing negative caches to expire host also gives 
the right answer.

Lessons learned:

  * If you are going to have a dev server, have a dev domain too (and
    not a shadow of the live domain), with working delegation from the
    root servers down, and do not try to cut corners with dig @dev-server
  * In dev servers, use really short TTLs!
  * delegation & forwarding are VERY different and you should be very
    clear to which one is ppropriate.  A workaround is NOT a solution.

Thanx again


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