Bind 9.9.5-S1 Cross Compile help

Olsen, Richard William (Rick) CTR DISA PEO-MA (US) richard.w.olsen.ctr at
Thu Apr 3 16:57:46 UTC 2014

We are trying build out bind for a remote site. When I use the prefix option so that I can put it all where I can package it, it hardcodes the prefix into the named binary for several items. How do I get around that. The hardcoded entries are for rndc.key, name.conf, session.key,,, lwresd.conf. Also the session-keyfile, pid-file, and bindkeys-file lines.

CC=cc CFLAGS="{arch specific options} -m64 -g" ./configure --prefix=/tmp/BUILDdir/usr/local/ --with-openssl

#then the make and make install

#Then pkg it all starting with:
pkgproto /tmp/BUILDdir/usr/local/=/usr/local

#Strings of named binary
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