Help with DKIM record

Steven Carr sjcarr at
Mon Apr 14 18:58:22 UTC 2014

On 14 April 2014 18:53, Felix Rubio Dalmau <felixrubiodalmau at> wrote:
>         it is not actually a pure caching server (at least I didn't wanted it to be :S). I have server at home, and the DNS is properly configured at the internet. The problem is that my router is not capable to redirect my requests to my server when they come from the LAN. So, I have had to configure a dhcp+dns server to give the IPs to the machines in the LAN, and to use the dns server to resolve the local server using db.server.local and db.192 files.

db.server.local wasn't in your config and your query is for, was listed in your config file.

>         I understand that "forward only;" will not hurt but, right? After setting it, I do the dig and I get:

Setting it to forward only means that anything that the server is not
authoritative for it will forward to the specified servers. If you do
not have that set then there are occasions where your DNS server will
go to the Internet root and start to search for the requested record
recursively, if you're fine with that then is there a reason why you
are forwarding requests to other DNS servers? why not just allow your
local DNS server to handle the whole resolution process?


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