Master to Slave initial zone transfer question

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Wed Apr 16 15:35:48 UTC 2014

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 "Jeronimo L. Cabral" <jelocabral at> wrote:

> Dear, I've implemented two Debian 7 servers with Bind9 as a Master - Slave
> schema.
> Everything works OK, but I have just a question:
> When a create a new zone in the Master and reload the bind9 daemon, this
> zone doesn't appear automatically in the only appears if I
> restart the bind9 daemon in the Slave server.
> Is this behaviour correct or is there any statement to transfer a new zone
> from Master to Slave withouth restarting the bind9 daemon in the Slave ???

To pick up new zones added to named.conf, you just need to use:

rndc reconfig

You don't need to restart the daemon on either the master or slave.

Barry Margolin
Arlington, MA

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