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On 4/16/2014 11:35 AM, Barry Margolin wrote:
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>> Dear, I've implemented two Debian 7 servers with Bind9 as a Master - Slave
>> schema.
>> Everything works OK, but I have just a question:
>> When a create a new zone in the Master and reload the bind9 daemon, this
>> zone doesn't appear automatically in the only appears if I
>> restart the bind9 daemon in the Slave server.
>> Is this behaviour correct or is there any statement to transfer a new zone
>> from Master to Slave withouth restarting the bind9 daemon in the Slave ???
> To pick up new zones added to named.conf, you just need to use:
> rndc reconfig
> You don't need to restart the daemon on either the master or slave.

To quicken the update process can use also-notify in options

        also-notify {


    Only meaningful if *notify* is active for this zone. The set of
    machines that will receive a |DNS NOTIFY| message for this zone is
    made up of all the listed name servers (other than the primary
    master) for the zone plus any IP addresses specified with
    *also-notify*. A port may be specified with each *also-notify*
    address to send the notify messages to a port other than the default
    of 53. *also-notify* is not meaningful for stub zones. The default
    is the empty list.


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