Master to Slave initial zone transfer question

Alan Clegg alan at
Wed Apr 16 17:55:05 UTC 2014

On 4/16/14, 1:27 PM, Jeronimo L. Cabral wrote:
> Dear Alan, sorry but I don't understand...can yo help me on this please:
> When  create a new zone in Master and add the zone parameters in
> named.conf.local, before the Slave get the new zone do I have to write
> by hand the same zone parameters in Slave's named.conf.local and restart
> its bind9 daemon ???

You create an entry similar to this in named.conf on the master:

zone foo.example {
		type master;
		file "master/foo.example";

In master/foo.example you have something like this:

@ in SOA <stuff>
@ in NS
@ in NS
@ in NS

master IN A <address.of.master.server>
slave1 IN A <address.of.slave1.server>
slave2 IN A <address.of.slave2.server>

<other zone data that you feel necessary>

On the slaves, you have something like this in named.conf:

zone foo.example {
		type slave;
		masters {  <address.of.master.server>;
		file "slaves/foo.example";

Once you have that all in place (and without syntax errors, checking
with "named-checkconf" and "named-checkzone"), an 'rndc reconfig' on the
master followed by a 'rndc reconfig' on the slave(s) will have
everything working correctly.

Note that I don't have any idea what your distribution maintainers wants
to have in each of the broken out parts of named.conf, so if you put it
into named.conf.local or named.conf.blarb is between you and them.

If you need more assistance than this, I highly recommend Cricket Liu's
O'Reilly's Nutshell book and Ron Aitchison's Pro DNS and BIND book.

And you don't ever need to "restart" a named process.


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