Enterprise IPAM/DNS Solutions

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In addition to the appliance-only vendor solutions you mention below, you may wish look into the BT Diamond IP product line.  This is an enterprise and service provider IPAM solution with full support for DNS and DHCP.  It is available as software-only, with a centralized management component and Agents that are installed on your DNS and/or DHCP servers.  It is also available in a turnkey offering on hardened, proprietary Linux-based appliances.  Lastly, it is also available as either a hosted or managed service.  Please see http://btdiamondip.com for more information.  Full disclosure -- I am the Principal Software Architect for BT Diamond IP.


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Overall, M&M has worked quite nicely for us.  The CLI leaves a lot to be desired though and we have found several bugs in the application throughout the past several years (who doesn't have bugs, though?).  I have also had a hard time getting someone on their Sales team to answer my questions lately.  I do really like the fact that it doesn't require some third party appliance and it can run alongside BIND.  

At this point - I'm just looking to see what else is available in this same space (Infoblox, Bluecat, etc).  Any feedback from users of these various platforms is appreciated!

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On Mon, Apr 28, 2014 at 04:31:28PM +0000, Baird, Josh wrote:
> Hi,
> We currently use the Men & Mice DNS/IPAM/DHCP suite which is 
> essentially a front-end "wrapper" for BIND.  We deploy our own BIND 
> boxes and simply install the Men & Mice agent on them which allows us 
> to centrally manage the zones from a GUI (or CLI) based interface.
> I'm curious about the other "enterprise" solutions that are on the 
> market.  Bluecat is the first one that comes to mind, but I'm 
> completely unfamiliar with their product.  Does their product run 
> alongside native BIND (like M&M) or do I need to purchase their own 
> appliances and place them all over my network?
> Are there any other suggestions for products similar to Men & Mice and 
> Bluecat that I should be looking at?  I'm looking for DNS and IPAM and 
> central management.
> Thanks,
> Josh

Josh, I'm curious what shortcomings you're finding with the M&M suite?

We've looked at BlueCat recently and my recollection is that it required their DNS appliances.  Quite costly and in our case, overkill.

M&M has worked pretty well for us, but we're a corporate type use case, not a provider or ISP.

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