Enterprise IPAM/DNS Solutions

Baird, Josh jbaird at follett.com
Mon Apr 28 16:40:18 UTC 2014


Overall, M&M has worked quite nicely for us.  The CLI leaves a lot to be desired though and we have found several bugs in the application throughout the past several years (who doesn't have bugs, though?).  I have also had a hard time getting someone on their Sales team to answer my questions lately.  I do really like the fact that it doesn't require some third party appliance and it can run alongside BIND.  

At this point - I'm just looking to see what else is available in this same space (Infoblox, Bluecat, etc).  Any feedback from users of these various platforms is appreciated!

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On Mon, Apr 28, 2014 at 04:31:28PM +0000, Baird, Josh wrote:
> Hi,
> We currently use the Men & Mice DNS/IPAM/DHCP suite which is 
> essentially a front-end "wrapper" for BIND.  We deploy our own BIND 
> boxes and simply install the Men & Mice agent on them which allows us 
> to centrally manage the zones from a GUI (or CLI) based interface.
> I'm curious about the other "enterprise" solutions that are on the 
> market.  Bluecat is the first one that comes to mind, but I'm 
> completely unfamiliar with their product.  Does their product run 
> alongside native BIND (like M&M) or do I need to purchase their own 
> appliances and place them all over my network?
> Are there any other suggestions for products similar to Men & Mice and 
> Bluecat that I should be looking at?  I'm looking for DNS and IPAM and 
> central management.
> Thanks,
> Josh

Josh, I'm curious what shortcomings you're finding with the M&M suite?

We've looked at BlueCat recently and my recollection is that it required their DNS appliances.  Quite costly and in our case, overkill.

M&M has worked pretty well for us, but we're a corporate type use case, not a provider or ISP.


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