BIND transfers records to Windows DNS server

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Tue Apr 29 19:49:10 UTC 2014

On 4/29/2014 3:12 PM, Roberto Carna wrote:
> Dear, I have this scenario:
> 1) Windows DNS with dynamic update zone (Windows clients)
> 2) BIND with manually update zone (Linux and Cisco clients)
> Is there any way to transfer all BIND zone records to the Windows DNS
> in order to have just one and complete zone in the Windows DNS server
> ???
Not really, but, supposedly, modern versions of BIND understand 
GSS-TSIG, so you could, in theory, have the clients (or their DHCP 
servers) perform their dynamic updates to BIND, and that's what would 
host the "one and complete zone", which you could slave/stub as you wish 
to other DNS instances in your environment (e.g. Windows boxes), or have 
them resolve them iteratively if you have enough of a delegation chain 
to support that (e.g. an internal root zone). You'll have to kick the 
manual-editing habit, however, since it's too risky and/or disruptive to 
manually edit a dynamic-update-enabled zone. Use nsupdate instead.

You didn't mention Active Directory, but if that's what you're faced 
with, you could delegate the "underscore" zones to deal with that (see

                                         - Kevin

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