Forwarding request to another DNS server but the same domain

Jeronimo L. Cabral jelocabral at
Wed Apr 30 19:55:27 UTC 2014

Dear, I would like to ask for solution related with DNS (bind)
configuration to allow forward requests to another DNS but related with the
same domain.

I'm asking about two authoritative name servers serving the same domain but
with different zone file info on each and have one of them forward
recursive queries to another one if first one cannot find some particular
subdomain record that is missing in his version of zone file.

My named.conf.local is as follow, but it doesn't work:

zone "" {
    type master;
    file "/etc/bind/zones/";
    allow-transfer { key "company"; };
    check-names ignore;
    forward first;
    forwarders {; };

Thanks a lot,

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