rndc flushname not working

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Wed Dec 10 03:31:52 UTC 2014

Nameservers being down does not result in NXDOMAIN responses.  I
suspect that some of the auth servers were producing NXDOMAIN
incorrectly.   Flushing the name won't help in those cases.

In message <001001d01429$1c857f70$55907e50$@iname.com>, "Frank Bulk" writes:
> Our ISP operations are running a mixture of 9.7.3 and 9.8.4 on several
> Debian servers and we've noticed that rndc flushname doesn't work many
> times.
> This weekend we had a local institution whose own authoritative DNS servers
> [all of them] were offline for 48+ hours and so there were several
> negatively cached entries in our resolvers' caches from customers who were
> querying for their institutions website and MX record.  After the
> institution restored connectivity to their DNS servers this afternoon I
> checked all our resolvers and a few returned NXDOMAIN for the www and MX
> record.  Issuing rndc flushname <domain> and rndc flushname <www.domain>
> didn't clear out the NXDOMAIN.  I had to use "rndc flush" to resolve the
> issue.
> Is this expected behavior?  The next time I see what, what troubleshoot
> steps should I take diagnose the issue?  Dump the DB?
> Frank
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