rndc flushname not working

Frank Bulk frnkblk at iname.com
Wed Dec 10 03:36:52 UTC 2014

Perhaps it wasn't NXDOMAIN -- I didn't capture the output.  But there
definitely was not answer.  The institution only has two authoritative
nameserver entries, both pointing to the same IP, so all it was all down.

In any case, why doesn't flushing the name work?


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Nameservers being down does not result in NXDOMAIN responses.  I
suspect that some of the auth servers were producing NXDOMAIN
incorrectly.   Flushing the name won't help in those cases.

In message <001001d01429$1c857f70$55907e50$@iname.com>, "Frank Bulk" writes:
> Our ISP operations are running a mixture of 9.7.3 and 9.8.4 on several
> Debian servers and we've noticed that rndc flushname doesn't work many
> times.
> This weekend we had a local institution whose own authoritative DNS
> [all of them] were offline for 48+ hours and so there were several
> negatively cached entries in our resolvers' caches from customers who were
> querying for their institutions website and MX record.  After the
> institution restored connectivity to their DNS servers this afternoon I
> checked all our resolvers and a few returned NXDOMAIN for the www and MX
> record.  Issuing rndc flushname <domain> and rndc flushname <www.domain>
> didn't clear out the NXDOMAIN.  I had to use "rndc flush" to resolve the
> issue.
> Is this expected behavior?  The next time I see what, what troubleshoot
> steps should I take diagnose the issue?  Dump the DB?
> Frank
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