SPF RR type

SM sm at resistor.net
Thu Jun 5 16:42:04 UTC 2014

Hi Nicholas,
At 07:25 05-06-2014, Nicholas F Miller wrote:
>Are SPF RR types finally dead or not? I've read through rfc7208 it 
>appears that they are:
>    "SPF records MUST be published as a DNS TXT (type 16) Resource Record
>    (RR) [RFC1035] only.  The character content of the record is encoded
>    as [US-ASCII].  Use of alternative DNS RR types was supported in
>    SPF's experimental phase but has been discontinued."
>...but to confuse the issue rfc7208 goes on to say:
>    "If a future update to SPF were developed that did not
>    reuse existing SPF records, it could use the SPF RR type.  SPF's use
>    of the TXT RR type for structured data should in no way be taken as
>    precedent for future protocol designers."
>Bind-9.10.0-P1 still reports errors if you don't have SPF RRs 
>defined with the SPF TXT records or are not using 'check-spf 
>ignore'.  Should one keep existing SPF RRs or remove

The SPF RR is no longer used for SPF verification (re. RFC 
7208).  The second part of the quoted text is there so that the usage 
of the TXT RR in that RFC is not used as a precedent.


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