Bind 9.9.1 forward zone "local"

Mark Andrews marka at
Wed Mar 26 03:53:46 UTC 2014

In message <53324030.1080109 at>, Dave Warren writes:
> On 2014-03-25 16:16, Mark Andrews wrote:
> > ".local" is reserved for mDNS.  I would say stop trying to use ".local" in
> > the DNS.
> While true, I don't think it will help this particular issue. As I 
> understand it, BIND knows, by knowledge of being a root server, that 
> local. can't possibly exist, and so that knowledge overrides the 
> configuration of the forwarder.

> I ran into similar setting up a fake/virtual TLD for wrbldnsd, which I 
> was able to resolve by moving it downstream to 
> instead of just dnsbl. Nearly. Until I hit one broken application that 
> wouldn't work with this configuration.
> Switching BIND to use hints instead of acting as a root seems to work 
> around this (broken) local configuration.

Truly one shouldn't be defining one's own tlds.  There lies dragons.

One should use space delegated to you.  If you don't have space
delegated to you explictly, one can use  It may
not be pretty but it is a hostname suffix and it is delegated for
anyone to use.

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