Bad performance from BIND 9.10 on RHEL 6.5

Shawn Zhou shawnzhou00 at
Fri May 2 20:42:30 UTC 2014

I was hoping that BIND 9.10 would outperform BIND 9.9.4b1 on RHEL 6.5 but I was surprised to see so much performance drop from BIND 9.10.

We have been able to send test traffic with 180K qps against 9.9.4b1 without seeing query drops but with 9.10, the query drop rate was 18%. Both of the numbers were obtained with 16 UDP listeners and 24 workers on identical Sandybridge hardware with 24 CPU threads and 24G RAM. Default 12 UDP listeners setting with 9.10 is even worse; hence, 16 UDP listeners are used for apple-to-apple comparison.

We compiled BIND 9.10 and 9.9.4b1 with the same configuration options.  I also tried '--with-tuning=large' for 9.10 and that didn't really help in our test environment.

I wonder what type of hardware ISC and test load used to test BIND 9.10. Are there adjustment need to be made for 9.10 to have it perform on par with 9.9.4b1?
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