Answer for a specific host, but recurse for all others within a zone

Rich Goodson rgoodson at
Fri May 9 04:05:09 UTC 2014

On your resolver, create a zone called
and only have one entry, an A record for the zone itself.  something like this:

---begin zonefile--- in soa (
	3600 )	in ns	in ns	in a
---end zonefile---

This will still allow and to resolve, but will NOT recurse for  If you want that to resolve, you'll have to add that to the zone as well, as you're claiming authority for and everything "to the left" of that as well.

It just occurred to me that you could also provide a local answer for a single name with RPZ, which would give the benefit of continuing to recurse for


On May 9, 2014, at 1:15 AM, fullmerjf at wrote:

> Does anyone know how I might configure bind to answer for a specific host within the zone, but perform a recursive lookup for the rest of the zone?
> For example, given the domain "", how might I configure a local DNS server to reslove "" to, maybe, a local server, but still allow "", "" and "" to still recursively resolve?
> Is there a way?
> - Jon
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