Answer for a specific host, but recurse for all others within a zone

Jon Fullmer FullmerJF at
Fri May 9 17:39:28 UTC 2014

Rich, you and Barry both touched on my original tactic. I can define
³² as a master zone with a single entry. The problem, as
you pointed out, is that this doesn¹t catch ³².
Unfortunately, the ³www² section will have any number of random hosts, so
putting manually entries will be impractical.

I¹m intrigued by the RPZ option. I¹m not familiar with it. I realize that
it¹s only available in 9.8.1 and above (which will require me to upgrade;
I¹m using 9.7.3). I¹ve been scouring the Net for examples, but they¹re
typically targeted to one of RPZ¹s main purposes (spam blacklisting,

IF I¹m following the config right, let¹s say that the local server in my
example is

---- named.conf ----

options {
   response-policy { ³²; };

zone ³² {
  type master;
  file ³²;

---- ----

$TTL 900

@    IN SOA   0001 900 900 604800 30
     IN NS localhost.

@    IN A
*    IN CNAME .

---- end ----

Is this right? I guess the trick I¹m trying to sort out is how to tell the
zone file to ³recurse, if not explicitly Œ¹.² What else
am I leaving out?

 - Jon

On 5/8/14, 10:05 PM, "Rich Goodson" <rgoodson at> wrote:

>On your resolver, create a zone called
>and only have one entry, an A record for the zone itself.  something like
>this:---begin zonefile---
> in soa (
>        2014050901
>        3H
>        300
>        2W
>        3600 )
>      in ns
>      in ns
>      in a
>---end zonefile---
>This will still allow and to resolve, but will
>recurse for  If you want that to resolve, you'll
>have to 
>add that to the zone as well, as you're claiming authority for
> and everything "to the left" of that as well.
>It just occurred to me that you could also provide a local answer for a
>name with RPZ, which would give the benefit of continuing to recurse for
>On May 9, 2014, at 1:15 AM, fullmerjf at wrote:
>> Does anyone know how I might configure bind to answer for a specific
>>host within the zone, but perform a recursive lookup for the rest of the
>> For example, given the domain "", how might I configure a local
>>DNS server to reslove "" to, maybe, a local server, but
>>still allow "", "" and ""
>>to still recursively resolve?
>> Is there a way?
>> - Jon
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