please give feedback on new howto: arming the dns firewall (rpz zone howto part 2)

Hans-Cees Speel hanscees at
Wed May 28 22:26:06 UTC 2014

Hello dear bind people,

I have produced a second part in the DNS-firewall howto

1. is howto setup a DNS-firewall part 1:
2. is new "Arming the DNS-firewall howto"  and now lives at:

My question again is:
-  if you can give me feedback on things I can do better I would be very 
happy.  I am sure my language can be improved upon for one thing.
- any improvement tips are welcome
- are there better / new sources on the internet to find bad-guys 
networks and dns-servers than the ones included in the Brice files

I had a lot of fun building this by the way. A usefull new security 
firewal! Awsom to see it actually work and stop lookups to russian sites 
for instance I did not know my browser was visiting..

Sincerely, Hans-Cees Speel (hanscees at

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