logging via named.conf

Jim Pazarena bind at paz.bz
Thu May 29 04:58:39 UTC 2014

Is there an easy way in the named.conf logging to
have ALL logging go to local2 ?

I've created:

logging {
    channel syslog-local2 {
         syslog local2;
         print-category yes;
         print-severity yes;

         category default { syslog-local2; };
         category general { syslog-local2; };
         category database { syslog-local2; };
         category security { syslog-local2; };


A lot of messages get to local2, but some things (like general.warning)
don't get to local2, but still get to syslog messages.

Is there an easy catch-all for ALL named logging ?


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