A record of domain name must be name server ?

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at fantomas.sk
Thu Sep 11 17:10:52 UTC 2014

>On 9/11/2014 12:08 PM, Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:
>>we both also said it's personal preference.

On 11.09.14 12:53, Kevin Darcy wrote:
>And I'm saying that's a cop-out. It should be a recommended practice 

> encouraging consistent 
>forward/reverse mappings is something that all DNS admins have a 
>stake in, whether they realize it or not.

correct reverse-forward mappings - yes.
correct forward-reverse mappings - no.

In zones apexes it's sometimes just impossible and I have already met people
uselessly insisting on such (pardon me) shit without understanding real
(and potentially much bigger) problem.

>It's not usable where it's not usable, of course. But, where it *is* 
>usable, I'm just saying it's recommended,

It's definitely not recommended by me. You are of course free to recommend
what you choose, but I think I should warn you I'll oppose that...

>Did you seriously think I'd recommend 
>something that *doesn't*work*? Please, give me a little more credit 
>than that.

I remember you from your postings here, so I really don't think you are
incompetent, especially not an idiot :-)

I just don't agree with this point, because I have already met people not
getting this properly and insisting on something that was likely to get them
into troubles bigger than with having multiple A's...

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