A record of domain name must be name server ?

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Thu Sep 11 22:13:37 UTC 2014

In message <5411BDD6.4010000 at chrysler.com>, Kevin Darcy writes:
> (Yes, I'm aware that there was a proposal recently discussed on the 
> DNSOP list for an MX-target convention to denote "no mail service 
> offered here". That would presumably solve the problem I cited in the 
> previous paragraph. But AFAIK that proposal is many years away from 
> widespread adoption, and even if adopted, it puts an extra burden on the 
> DNS admins to populate the "no service" MX record, which, again, is 
> going to produce inconsistent results -- some admins will remember to do 
> it; many won't).

No, it's more like formalising existing practice.  Universal adoption
would be a long time off but there is a large existing base of MTA's
that will do the right thing.

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