A record of domain name must be name server ?

Bob Harold rharolde at umich.edu
Thu Sep 11 17:14:28 UTC 2014

In reference to the question of using a CNAME or A record for "
www.example.com", it seems to me that the best solution, if we could ever
get there, would be to create a new record type that means "redirect an A
or AAAA lookup to this other name".  Like this:

example.com.  IN  SOA  ....
example.com.  IN  ANAME  my.webhosting.com.
www.example.com.  IN  CNAME  my.webhosting.com.

I use "ANAME" to mean "like a CNAME, but only for A and AAAA lookups", with
no restrictions on other names with the same left side (except perhaps
other A and AAAA records if that is necessary for technical reasons).

Several DNS and hosting providers provide similar functionality, but is
there any chance of widespread DNS support for something like this?

Is there already and RFC for this?

I find these interesting sites:
(This last one points out a problem with the current implementations - I
think proper support in the DNS protocol would solve this.)

Bob Harold
University of Michigan
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