differing TTLs in RRSet, same label/class/type

Chuck Anderson cra at WPI.EDU
Wed Sep 24 17:43:37 UTC 2014

RFC 2181 section 5.2 says that differing TTLs in RRSet with the same
label/class/type should be deprecated with the behavior that an
authoritative server should reply with all the TTLs set to the lowest
TTL in the RRSet:

"Should an authoritative source send such a malformed RRSet, the client
should treat the RRs for all purposes as if all TTLs in the RRSet had
been set to the value of the lowest TTL in the RRSet."

I noticed that BIND 9.8.2 is choosing the HIGHEST TTL, not the lowest.
Is this a bug, or was there a newer RFC that changed the required

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