Two domains reporting errors

LuKreme kremels at
Sun Sep 28 14:37:26 UTC 2014

> On 27 Sep 2014, at 15:46 , Doug Barton <dougb at> wrote:
> On 9/25/14 4:49 PM, LuKreme wrote:
>> Wait a second, so the zone name comes from the named.conf?
> Not quite. When named loads the zone file it does it in the context of
> the zone stanza from named.conf. If the zone name in the SOA is listed
> literally then named will check to make sure that it matches, and
> generate an error if it does not.
> However, if you use the @ sign in that spot in the SOA record then named
> will "fill in" the zone name for you.
> The subsequent uses of the @ sign will inherit their labels from the context of the previous label.
>> I could have, for all my hosted domains, a single file named
>> something like hosted.conf and then simply link to it with `ln
>> hosted.conf dw.tld` or ln -s, perhaps?
> Don't do that ... Just use the same file name in the zone stanzas in named.conf.
>> Also, the SOA line contains ns?
> The MNAME field theoretically lists the master name server for the zone. In practice however it isn't used for anything except occasionally for dynamic DNS.
> hope this helps,

This is all very interesting. To be honest, I first figured out how to generate named.con and the domain failed back in 1995 and have pretty much followed the following recipe ever since:

cp existingdomain.tld.cont newdomain.tld.conf
vi newdomain.tld.conf
<make changes>
vi named.con
<add zone line>

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