Two domains reporting errors

Doug Barton dougb at
Sat Sep 27 21:46:39 UTC 2014

On 9/25/14 4:49 PM, LuKreme wrote:

> Wait a second, so the zone name comes from the named.conf?

Not quite. When named loads the zone file it does it in the context of
the zone stanza from named.conf. If the zone name in the SOA is listed
literally then named will check to make sure that it matches, and
generate an error if it does not.

However, if you use the @ sign in that spot in the SOA record then named
will "fill in" the zone name for you.

The subsequent uses of the @ sign will inherit their labels from the 
context of the previous label.

> I could have, for all my hosted domains, a single file named
> something like hosted.conf and then simply link to it with `ln
> hosted.conf dw.tld` or ln -s, perhaps?

Don't do that ... Just use the same file name in the zone stanzas in 

> Also, the SOA line contains ns?

The MNAME field theoretically lists the master name server for the zone. 
In practice however it isn't used for anything except occasionally for 
dynamic DNS.

hope this helps,


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