Two domains reporting errors

Stuart Browne Stuart.Browne at
Fri Sep 26 00:23:17 UTC 2014


> > Note that there are only relative names in my example.  This could
> > load as any zone name.  You might want to use some fully-qualified
> > names on the RHS, such as "" as the SOA RNAME.
> Wait a second, so the zone name comes from the named.conf?


> I could have, for all my hosted domains, a single file named something
> like hosted.conf and then simply link to it with `ln hosted.conf dw.tld`
> or ln -s, perhaps?

You could have the same file as the base, most definitely.  Sharing a zone file (even without the symbolic link) between zones with bind can be done but gets extremely messy if you ever make a change to the zone file or for one zone explicitly.

> Also, the SOA line contains ns?

The mserver reference in the SOA is treated like the rest of the records in a manually constructed zone file; if it is un-anchored, it will inherit the $ORIGIN.

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