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John Miller johnmill at
Thu Apr 2 14:45:41 UTC 2015

Short answer: don't!  Running a public recursive DNS server is an
incredibly bad idea unless you have the resources of Google or other
ISPs.  It's easy for attackers to exploit it in several ways, and
you'd also need to solve some non-trivial load balancing and caching
challenges.  There's way more to it than just setting up BIND and
letting fly.

If you're looking to set up a recursive DNS server for yourself or
your organization, I'd suggest starting by reading DNS and BIND, 5th
edition, by Paul Albitz and Cricket Liu (O'Reilly).  Great
introduction to DNS in general as well as BIND configuration.  Start
there, experiment around a bit with some sandbox vms, then come back
here when you've got some more specific questions.

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> How to configure a DNS server as public DNS server like google's server
> Help me to clear out these problem
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