problem with static range in dynamic table

Cuttler, Brian (HEALTH) brian.cuttler at
Thu Apr 2 14:54:01 UTC 2015

I'm sorry, not sure which list this belongs in...

I have a working (many thanks to list members) dhcp for my 10.57.36/22 network, I have the forward table, and my 4 reverse tables.

It all works correctly with my dynamic dns.

Except-I set my available address range to -, as I have some machines that needed static entries.

I'm finding that when I update the forward and reverse table with a static entry, in the range, that the tables NEVER propagate. Updating SOA serial, restarting the server is not the solution, the dns slaves never pull the tables, even after the table expiration date.

The work-around, which is really not supportable, has been to remove the tables from the slave servers and restart named on them.

I am aware that I'm the cause of the problem, just not sure of the solution.

Thanks in advance,

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