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Tue Apr 7 11:05:02 UTC 2015


On 07/04/2015 17:07, Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote: 

> On 06.04.15 15:19, Noel Butler wrote: 
>> you need an allow-⁠query and ACL, eg:
> No. Don't play with allow-⁠query if it is supposed to be authoritative for
> any zones (unless those zones are internal).
> If the server is supposed to host any zones visible from the net,
> allow-⁠query would make them invisible.

Which is why I asked him to include "one zone" in his pasting, since you
then need the allow query any inside the zone statements, which works
perfectly, its also how I've always done it, and always seen it done,
including on the thousands of zones I've maintained that I never wrote. 

Been doing it that way for as long as I can recall, so over 20 years?
dunno, I stopped counting my age at 21, some decades ago :) 
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