transfer of '' from failed while receiving responses: connection reset

Luis Eduardo C. Clemente luisecclemente at
Tue Dec 1 15:30:30 UTC 2015

Hello there, thanks to let me be part of this list.
  I currently have been facing an issue regarding the zone transfer between the master and slave bind servers. I read some topics here but none of them helped me so I decide to write a new topic and look for some help.
  Here is the issue. We currently have 2 zones ( and - not real names due confidential purposes). Both have the same DNS configurations inside differing only about name servers. For one specific slave server only one zone from these 2 is not transferring from master and checking the logs I see "transfer of '' from failed while receiving responses: connection reset" .
  The other zone, is transfer properly with not issues as the logs shows:
02-Dec-2015 02:17:30.311 refresh_callback: zone enter
02-Dec-2015 02:17:30.311 dns_request_getresponse: request 3005c650
02-Dec-2015 02:17:30.311 refresh_callback: zone serial: new 3511171650, old 3511171650
02-Dec-2015 02:17:30.311 dns_request_destroy: request 3005c650

  The thing is that both zones are on the same Master DNS and have the same configuration on named.conf. Both zones can be transferred to other slaves normally but only to a specific server only one zone is transferred and return the connection reset to the other zone. 

  How could that be possible if master is the same, the configurations are the same and this specific slave accepts transfer one zone but did not accept the other zone. Both zone should come (master) but to only one it gets connection reset. Seems something that is not making any sense in the moment for me and because that I am here requesting you help to try to figure out what is going on.
  Please any help will be very appreciated.
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