transfer of '' from failed while receiving responses: connection reset

Grant Taylor gtaylor at
Wed Dec 2 02:10:29 UTC 2015

On 12/01/2015 08:30 AM, Luis Eduardo C. Clemente wrote:
>    Here is the issue. We currently have 2 zones ( and
> - not real names due confidential purposes).

F.Y.I. If you are obfuscating names, please use (fairly) well documented 
documentation domains.  "" (like you have) or "" 
or "".  The same goes for IPs, - Test Net 1, - Test Net 2, and - Test Net 3.  ;-)

>    The thing is that both zones are on the same Master DNS and have the
> same configuration on named.conf. Both zones can be transferred to other
> slaves normally but only to a specific server only one zone is
> transferred and return the connection reset to the other zone.

Presuming that the problem is not configuration related, I would 
immediately wonder if there is something in the network that is 
preventing the transfer of the problematic zone.

How big (# of RR) is the zone that transfers properly?  What about the 
problematic zone?

I'd probably go for TCPDump and / or Wireshark to analyze the transfer 
that is failing.  You will probably want to check both ends.  It would 
be really nice if you can capture from both ends at the same time to 
compare them.

I half way expect that something is different about your problematic 
zone.  Either you can't successfully send large (> 512 Byte) queries / 
responses, or TCP is filtered.  This would be evident by the server end 
sending the data but the receiver not seeing it.

Grant. . . .
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