Ejaz mejaz at cyberia.net.sa
Mon Dec 14 06:59:12 UTC 2015

Hi all, 


We are one of the leading ISP of Saudi Arabia.  Installed latest version of
bind and smbind inorder manage the zones over the Web interface. 


Wonder is that,  the zones which configured through smbind cannot be seen
from the outside world.. locally it is fine. For an example arabsat.com. 


Almost 1500 other zones on the same name server runs through bind 9.9. works
perfectly internally and externally. Eg. Cyberia.net.sa. 




>From Internally I can query it..  it is ok. 



> server ns1

Default Server:  ns1.cyberia.net.sa



> www.arabsat.com

Server:  ns1.cyberia.net.sa



Name:    www.arabsat.com




When I check from outside through mx toolbox. Got the below error. 



There is a problem. We were not able to find a Start of Authority (SOA)
record which may indicate a DNS problem.

ns1.cyberia.net.sa (Does not match)

'ns1.cyberia.net.sa' is listed as a nameserver for 'www.arabsat.com', but
could not be found. Check the DNS record of 'www.arabsat.com' for problems.



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