How is a $ORIGIN directive used inside a DNS Zone File

Tony Finch dot at
Mon Dec 14 11:18:08 UTC 2015

Mukund Sivaraman <muks at> wrote:
> Zone files do not require use of $ORIGIN. It is in fact an extension to
> the master format in RFC 1035.

No, it is specified in RFC 1035 section 5.1:

: Two control entries are defined: $ORIGIN and $INCLUDE.  $ORIGIN is
: followed by a domain name, and resets the current origin for relative
: domain names to the stated name.

:                          Domain names that end in a dot are called
: absolute, and are taken as complete.  Domain names which do not end in a
: dot are called relative; the actual domain name is the concatenation of
: the relative part with an origin specified in a $ORIGIN, $INCLUDE, or as
: an argument to the master file loading routine.  A relative name is an
: error when no origin is available.

: @               A free standing @ is used to denote the current origin.

For BIND when you specify a zone you have to provide a zone file name and
zone apex name, and the origin defaults to the zone apex.

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