Bind9.10 inline signing 'loadkeys' failing

Brad S chronicjoker2u at
Sun Dec 20 12:10:14 UTC 2015

This is a repost from 12-19-2015 which appears stuck in the queue:
I have using the exact same rndc method to load inline signing keys as what worked yesterday, but today the same steps are failing?
a stuck key?

    # rndc flush
    # rndc reconfig
    # rndc addzone in external '{type master; auto-dnssec maintain; inline-signing yes; key-directory "/home/mailer-domains/"; file "/home/mailer-domains/"; update-policy { grant ddns-key zonesub ANY; };};'
    # rndc loadkeys
    # rndc signing -nsec3param 1 0 10 03F92714

    [\u at yoda:/usr/local/etc/namedb] # rndc zonestatus
    type: master
    files: /home/mailer-domains/
    serial: 2015121923
    signed serial: 2015121931
    nodes: 9
    last loaded: Sun, 20 Dec 2015 00:07:01 GMT
    secure: no
    key maintenance: automatic
    next key event: Sun, 20 Dec 2015 01:18:20 GMT
    dynamic: yes
    frozen: no
    20-Dec-2015 01:30:56.735 general: info: received control channel command 'signing -nsec3param 1 0 10 03F92714'
    20-Dec-2015 01:30:56.735 general: debug 1: setnsec3param: zone (signed): enter
    20-Dec-2015 01:30:56.735 general: error: zone (signed): could not get zone keys for secure dynamic update

the keys are present, valid and correct permissions. no other errors

key generation method:

    subprocess.check_output([ 'dnssec-keygen', '-a', 'RSASHA256', '-b', '2048', '-3', ])   
    subprocess.check_output([ 'dnssec-keygen', '-a', 'RSASHA256', '-b', '2048', '-3', '-fk', ])

named -v
BIND 9.10.3 <id:2799933>

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