DNAME in forward zones - issues with Microsoft Edge browser

Graham Clinch g.clinch at lancaster.ac.uk
Wed Dec 23 11:11:31 UTC 2015

Hi Folks,

We use a DNAME record on lancaster.ac.uk and are seeing cases where
Microsoft's new Edge web browser is unable to display pages from web
servers reached via a DNAME in certain circumstances[1].

If you have deployed a DNAME record in a forward zone and would be
willing to help us explore the problems, please contact me off-list.

Many thanks,


Infrastructure Systems Developer,
Lancaster University, UK

[1] The circumstances appear to be a bag of confusion - on the Windows
client, the gateway & DNS resolver addresses need to be the same
(standard home-router setup), the network needs to be marked as 'Private
Network' ('Find devices and content' turned on - probably a standard
home setup?), and it only breaks for Edge (IE is fine).

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