Cloud DNS providers for secondary DNS

John Levine johnl at
Wed Dec 30 01:08:49 UTC 2015

>                        IN  NS
>                        IN  NS
>                        IN  NS	<== Addition
>                        IN  NS	<== Addition

These questions would, as always, be easier to answer if you gave us
the actual names rather than inventing other names that may or may not
be similar to the real ones.

If your servers are not authoritative for, which in this
case they very likely aren't, there is no benefit from putting their A
or AAAA records into your zones, since nobody will ask for them.  Just
add the NS records to your own zones, and add them to the list that
the registrar uploads to the TLD zone and it will work.

If you're using nameservers with names within your own zone you have
to set up glue records, but in this case you don't.


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