Cloud DNS providers for secondary DNS

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Hello Mike!

So you are tracking correctly what needs to be done: update your registrar and your master zone files.  Not knowing how the UI to the cloud and at the risk of stating the obvious, the only other agenda item that you would need to address is making sure that the cloud knows it is a slave.

If your secondary servers were normal BIND, you would need to tag your zones in the named.conf file as slaves.

Hope that is helpful.


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I'm looking into providing secondary name service for my organization using a cloud DNS provider (D-Zone). We would transfer our zones to them using a standard zone transfer and they would publish them to their AnyCast DNS servers. I was going to simply add their DNS servers to my Domain Registrars list of authoritative name servers. Is it enough to do that or do I also need to add these (2) name server addresses to each of my zone files as well (I have about 50 zones).

;                                Name Servers
                        IN  NS
                        IN  NS
                        IN  NS	<== Addition
                        IN  NS	<== Addition

What happens if I do one without the other? I guess I don't fully understand the relationship between the name servers listed in the zone versus the ones found in my domain record. I'm running BIND locally, if that matters.

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