dynamic zone file "style"

Stefan.Lasche at t-systems.com Stefan.Lasche at t-systems.com
Wed Jul 8 13:01:44 UTC 2015


the "named-compilezone" tool can output zone files in two different styles (using the -s option): 
    "full" (suitable for processing by a separate script)
    "relative" (more human-readable)

By default, the bind daemon uses the "relative" style (or something similar) when writing dynamic zone files to disk.
Guess what... all those "$ORIGIN" lines make it more difficult to parse the file by a separate script... ;)
Is there a way to change this into "full" style? I haven't found anything in the doc's...

I know I can use "named-compilezone -j -s full /path/to/zonefile" to re-style the bind zones into a temp file, before parsing it. I'm just wondering if this is really necessary...
(I'm using RHEL bind 9.8.2)


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