AW: dynamic zone file "style"

Stefan.Lasche at Stefan.Lasche at
Wed Jul 8 15:38:59 UTC 2015

>> By default, the bind daemon uses the "relative" style (or something 
>> similar) when writing dynamic zone files to disk.
>> Guess what... all those "$ORIGIN" lines make it more difficult to 
>> parse the f ile by a separate script... ;)

> Truly, you don't wan't to be reading master files.  If you need the content of the zone transfer it from the server.  Doing that you will always get the latest content and don't have to worry about
> merging the journal etc.

I understand your point. But for the script, I'll need the content of all my zones in all views. Zone transfers won't be very efficient for that.
Until now I have experimented with the "-j" option from named-compilezone to take care of the journals. Though, I'm not sure this is much more efficient. 
Another option I evaluated was "rndc sync", but it isn't available on bind 9.8
But your reply made me think of yet another solution. "rndc dumpdb -zones" gives me the latest content of all zones of all views in a single file. And, luckily, it uses the "full" style :) So this should be fine for me.

But before I try to re-invent the wheel:
Does anyone know if there is already a parser for multiple zone_files/zone_dumps/zone_transfers? I'm trying to filter all DNS records that are related to a given host/ip?

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