Single Bind (nameserver) for multiple domains (zones)

Tony Finch dot at
Thu Jul 9 09:52:44 UTC 2015

Matthew Ceroni <matthewceroni at> wrote:
> The problem I am running into is if I query that domain ( for
> say (which isn't present in the zone file) it ends up
> query And our company domain (domain1 in
> this example) returns a default IP for anything queried against it. Which I
> don't want.
> The search path in the resolv.conf on the bind server has so it
> appears bind couldn't find the result (since it wasn't in the zone file)
> and then just followed the path the OS would do to lookup records (append
> the search path and try those).

It sounds like your BIND setup is working fine, but you are having
problems with your stub resolver. Try

	$ host

with the trailing dot to suppress the stub resolver's search behaviour,
or query a name under which exists.

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